The Lorven School of social Sciences has been breaking new ground since its inception in 2001. The emerging interest world wide in the social sciences gave impetus in starting courses in social work, Economics, M.Sc Psychological Counseling .From the very beginning the Institution has been concentrating in grooming students to attain excellence in academics, as well as in meeting the demands of highly competitive market.

Towards this end, the college provides students with exceptional faculty and facilities like spacious classrooms, well stocked library and computer labs. Well trained faculty members as well as guest lecturers who are the backbone of this institution have the support of more than one hundred industries located in close proximity. It is a matter of pride that the students have been faring very well in the examinations. Most of our alumni have begun their career and have brought laurels to the college.

Towards this end Lorven is providing excellent facilities both in infrastructure and faculty. Well trained qualified faculty as well as guest lecturers who are the backbone of this institution are working constantly in augmenting the existing standards. The institution has the support of around hundred industries, agencies and related institutions to provide training to its students.

The institution is proud of its rank holders at university level and cent percent results in all courses. Most of our alumni have begun their careers and have brought laurels to the institution.

The institution is happy to announce the introduction of BBM, BCA and B.Com courses Lorven institutions also include Pre-University course, Teachers training, Nursing and Law courses.

The college has been standing out in the innovations made in the academic schedules. Students have been greatly benefitted from being part of these activities. As new entrants into the portals of this institution you will find its environment conducive to your personal as well as professional growth.

Prof. C. Kanthamma, M.Sc., M. Phil.