Dear Parents,

The Lorven Institutions was started under the aegis of Lord Venketeshwara Ladies Educational and Welfare Trust. We believe that each child is special and go by our motto ‘Why fit in when you can stand out’. Each child is allowed to learn at their own pace rather than taking a one size fits all approach. The trustees have a long duration of teaching experience and are thus well versed with the educational system in school and college. The trust is fully aware of the need for quality education in rural area. Through our institutions and their full fledged educational system, we will strive to achieve all round excellence by giving an opportunity to all our students to excel in academics, athletics and co-curricular activities.

It is our mission to provide and equip all children from different backgrounds with quality education and see to their overall personality development. Our aim is to build a strong foundation in students for life-long development. The focus will be on educating the children through latest educational techniques and make them learn by interest rather than force.

Managing Trustee