M.S.W.  or Master of Social Work

This Institution is recognized by the Govt. of Karnataka, Affiliated to Bangalore University, Approved by AICTE- NEW DELHI and recognized by UGC under 2(F).

Master of Social Work Program Overview

M.S.W. or Master of Social Work is a master's degree in the field of Social Work. MSW was first launched in India as far back as 1936. It is a professional degree with specializations compared to Bachelor of Social Work (BSW). MSW promotes macro, meso and micro aspects of professional social work practice. Social Work is both a professional and academic discipline whose area of study is intended for improving the quality of life of individual, group and or community belonging to a weaker section. Students who have pursued MSW at LORVEN institutions have obtained several ranks since its inception.

The moto of Social work is to “Help others to help themselves”.

Address: 175/1, Chandapura, Ramasagara - Dommasandra road, Anekal Taluk, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560099.

Value of MSW Degree

A Master's degree in Social Work is concerned with the improvement of the quality of life of a certain individual or communities. Students will combine research, crisis intervention, community organization and strategy to be able to attain results.

JOBS: Welfare officer, HR Assistant, Counsellor, Social Worker, Law expert, Health advice officer, Clinic co-ordinator, Trust incharge, Medical social worker, jobs @ nonprofit organizations, Government jobs.


MSW Curriculum

Master degree program in social work is aimed at training individuals who are already working or desire to work in the development and welfare sectors. Social workers perform interventions through research, policy, community organizing, direct practice and teaching.

The duration of Masters in Social Work is 2 years, usually comprises of 4 semesters. Each academic year shall comprise two semesters starting from July-August to December and January to June. The university conducts the examination at the end of each semester. For each paper 70 marks allotted for university exam and 30 marks for internal assessment.

Specializations available in Human Resource Management, Social Development and Medical Psychiatric Social Work.

Semester I:

  • 1.1 Introduction to Social Work and contemporary  ideologies for social work profession
  • 1.2 Social Science Perspectives for Social Work Practice
  • 1.3 Methods of Working with people-I Social Case work
  • 1.4 Methods of Working with people-II Social Group work
  • 1.5 Methods of Working with people-III Community Organization
  • 1.6 Personal and Professional Growth
  • 1.7 Social Work Concurrent Field Practicum-I: Orientation Visits

Semester II:

  • 2.1 Social Policy, Planning  and Social Legislation
  • 2.2 Research in Social work and application of Computers and Statistics
  • 2.3 Counseling : Theory and Practice
  • 2.4 Social Work Practice with Vulnerable / Marginalized    and Under privileged Sections of the Society
  • 2.5 Communication for Social Work Practice
  • 2.6 Social Work Field Practicum-II Concurrent field work
  • 2.7 Social Work Field Practicum-III: Social work Camp

Semester III:

  • 3.1 Human Resource  Management and Development
  • 3.2 Organization Behavior and Development
  • 3.3 Social work Intervention in Health Care
  • 3.4 Urban, Rural and Tribal Community Development
  • 3.5 Social Movements and Social Action
  • 3.6 Social Work Field Practicum- IV
  • Visit to Innovative Projects/Initiatives
  • 3.7 Social Work Field Practicum-V:
  • Concurrent field work
  • OEP-NSS: Open Elective Paper for Non Social work Students.
  • OEP to be offered by the other departments for
  • Social work students.

Semester IV:

  • 4.1 Industrial Relations and Labor Legislation
  • 4.2 Medical and Psychiatric Social Work
  • 4.3 Social Welfare and Development Administration
  • 4.4 Rehabilitation and After Care Services
  • 4.5 Project Formulation & Management
  • 4.6 Social Work Field Practicum-VI:
  • Concurrent field work
  • 4.7 Social Work Field Practicum-VII :
  • Block Placement

Additional MSW Program Information and FAQ

Other pertinent information.

  • Is it full-time/part-time? Full time
  • When are classes held? 6 days a week
  • Is class online or in-person? In person
  • Are there special requirements for students? Mentioned in “Requirements to apply bulleted out.”
  • Is there an internship/work placement program?

MSW Application Process

  • Applications will be available from May 2017 onwards for the academic year AUG 2017 – JUL 2019.
  • Download the application form from the website https://www.lorven.college/admissions/ or collect the application form from the college directly by remitting Rs 500/-
  • Fill the application and hand it over at the college office in person or through post.
    • Note: if the application form is downloaded directly from the website then a DD worth Rs 500/- has to be attached along with the application form.
  • Selection will be based on merit.